When so many of us are working from home,
nothing is more crucial than staying connected with colleagues.

Staying connected was a deep need in all of us even before Covid-19 disrupted our lives.
But now it should take even more an important place.

So how do we like to stay connected? What does it reveal about our collective conscience?

68% of people say they share their feedback on social media
to give others a better sense of who they are
and what they care about.

78% of people say they share their feedback on social media
because it helps them to stay connected to people.

Most of us desire for instant gratification in the form of feedback and recognition.

Don’t we need this fulfillment in our professional lives?

In fact, we need it more in our work!

Work is more social and we need more collaboration, encouragement, and recognition from our peers and colleagues.
People around the world have now recognized this reality.
People are leveraging continuous-feedback enabled technology to bring a revolution in their daily work life.

eMpact app will allow your employees to seek feedback, to give feedback and to build a profile that is focused on leadership and behavioral skills at the work place.


While the individual employee focuses on building and curating her profile by building relationships, staying connected and taking & giving feedback on a continuous basis, the employer gets to know the demonstrated skills and qualities of the employees without much effort from the HR team

Empact’s continuous feedback app is well suited
to help you put the finger on your talent profile

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