Internal exit interview data
usually indicates the following as the top reasons for exits:

  • higher salary
  • personal reasons

Reasons for variance

Most employees believe in maintaining their relationship with the company and the boss because they want REFERENCES

at-man difference

eMpact's at-man service ensures

  • anonymity of responses
  • encourages existing employees to discuss true reasons for exit

Attrition Management Services

Why outsource exit interviews and attrition management?

  • According to Harvard's research, many companies don’t even conduct exit interviews. Some collect exit interview data but don’t analyze it. Some analyze it but don’t share it with the senior line leaders who can act on it.
  • Incorrect data from exit interviews leads to wrong initiatives which have lower empact on attrition
  • Discussion on attrition demands authentic and unbiased data; potential of circumstantial bias or conflicts compromises the internal organisational approach
  • Exit interviews done by expert in behavioural science to get the real picture

at-man difference

  • Exit interviews will be conducted by our experts trained in Behaviour Phycology. They collect valuable insights about what is not working or otherwise
  • Our experts help surface the real reasons for the exit through a structured free flowing discussion with the exiting employee. Interaction is designed around your organisation's requirements
  • eMpact compiles the data collected through interactions in meaningful reports
  • Actionable data will enable you to design retention interventions
  • eMpact also provides additional support to ensure that there is discipline to your organisaton’s retention program by laying down plans to ensure that the retention initiatives are implemented

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