Create a mentoring program that matters

Mentors matter. The right mentors can show you the path to success.

Tech matters. The right tech can make the difference between growing and scaling

If you are looking to roll out a new mentoring program or scale an existing program,
eMpact’s mentoring app can make the difference.
eMpact provides the mentoring software to power the mentoring programs around the world.

 A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.  
                                            - Oprah Winfrey

Impact of covid

For individual professionals at workplace to be strong during the current uncertain times, there is an immediate critical need to:

  • reset expectations
  • stay in regular touch with mentors, advisors etc.
  • invest in continued learning
  • give and take continuous feedback

eMpact offering

Mobile app for
Mentors and Mentees

Web application for
Mentoring Program Manager

eMpact Mentoring app features

Some of the features in our mentoring app are-

Schedule meetings

Mentors can open office hours; mentee can reserve the time slots based on their availability and convenience

Set objectives and record takeaways

Mentoring program objectives can be preset; mentee can record takeaways from each meeting and record progress through takeaway checklist

Give & take feedback

Mentor and mentees can give feedback to each other

Benchmark progress

Both mentor and mentee can compare their progress and growth by benchmarking with their peers using the app

Digital records for reference during future internventions / support programs

Our Coordinates

Would be great to be in touch and work with you for (and build) enabling a game changing work environment that captures the countless ways employees are impacting lives all around them within organisations.

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